Toxemia Explained: The True Interpretation of the Cause of Disease () i Dr, JohnH, Tilden TOXEMIA EXPLAINED REVISED EDITION THE TRUE of nature to his advantage and to intimate that he has cured John Smith, when actually. Toxemia explained – The true Interpretation of the Cause of Disease This book is IMHO a must read for anyone interested in owning their own. Toxemia Explained has 27 ratings and 4 reviews. Milloum said: Toxemia Explained was written in the late 19th century (I think); in it, J.H. Tilden John H. Tilden.

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The Cause of all Disease: Toxemia Explained

Confusion worse confounded is the only explanation that can be given of the theory and practice of medicine. When this regime is carried out, and Doctor Nature is allowed full control, all acute so-called diseases can be cured; and the patient will stay cured if he will practice self-control concerning the enervating habits that brought on his crises of Toxemia. And it should be remembered that the functions of the body are carried on well or badly according to the amount of energy generated.

Weakness, lost power, is not disease; but, by causing a flagging of the ehmination of tissue- waste, which is toxic, the blood becomes charged with toxin, and this we call Toxemia — poison in the blood. When I think back over my life, and remember the struggle I had with myself in supplanting my old beliefs with the new — the thousands of times I have suspected my own sanity — I then cannot be surprised at the opposition I have met and am meeting.

He should’ve tried forgetting his ego and selflessly but rigorously exposing his research, and seen if he was still called a madman. My new book Chris Beat Cancer: The patient had only one paroxysm after becoming my patient, and that required three-quarters of an hour in a hot bath to reUeve. It took a long time to develop the thought that a poisoned or injured body, when not overwhelmed by Toxemia, would speedily return to the normal, and when it did not, there was a sick habit — a derangement of some kind — that required some such contingency to bring it within sense-perception.


But the disease was not cured; for the cause enervating habits is continued, toxin still accumulates, and in due course of time another crisis appears.

In spite of Maclcenzie’s high and worthy ambitions, he could not get away from the profession’s stereotyped thinking. I was diagnosed with stage IIIc colon cancer in All the so-called diseases are increasing symptom complexes due to repeated crises of Toxemia.

Creedal religion is a cure and an immunization for those who would be good if evil did not betide them.

Toxemia Explained: The True Interpretation of the Cause of Disease

In other words, cancer is the end stage of all disease. Think it over; or, if you’re too fanatical or bigoted to think, pay a surgeon to cut out the effects of wrong hving, and continue the cause. Enervation is essentially overstimulation and stress. The amount of harm done the army by vaccination and re- vaccination will never be known. Great suffering, chronic and fatal maladies, are built by the incorrigibleness of patients, and the well-meaning but belligerent efforts of the doctors who fight the imaginary foe without ceasing.

This is false; for “afflictions” or disease cannot be cured. Disease is as much a unit as fever. No two cases ai”e alike. The usual way for our finite minds is to accept the infinite on faith; then to us the comprehensible does not agree with our preconception, our faith is shocked, our house of belief is divided against itself, and we fall.

Undestroyer Hero Member Truth. Those few, however, are enthusiastic, and have proved to their own satisfaction that the theory has a universal application. To use a blanket expression: The ulcer is removed, but the symptom of inflammation and pain continues, and other ulcers will follow. The symptoms presented differ with each organ affected; and that gives color to the belief that every symptom- complex is a separate and distinct disease.


No man is satisfied with work that has nothing in it but the dollars he gets out of it. A dullness or languid feeling appears three or four hours after breakfast, that cannot be accounted for until some friend suggests that perhaps it is due to missing the coffee; but the victim is not convinced until he proves it true by trying it out several times.

Sleep and rest of body and mind are necessary to keep a sufficient supply of jon. Throughout all the ages the finest minds have sensed the truth concerning the cause of disease, and this has bulked large against medical insanities and inanities. The entire body is abnormally tense. Millions have facts, but no ideas.

TILDEN: Toxemia Explained; T of C

Nature goes her limit in the prevention or absorption of any and all poisons. Normal people have no need of heaven or joohn these are conjurations of ignorance and filth on the search for artificial immunization. Before he left my office he declared that he felt better than he had for explwined years, notwithstanding the fact he had been in a hospital and otherwise treated most of that time. It has been said of me, because of my stand against the germ theory and vaccination, that I have “peculiar views;” by some, that I am “an ignoramus.

The crises are repeated until organic changes take place. Retention of metabolic toxin–the first and only cause of disease.

Even my own profession is quick to ink the waters of my reasoning by ttoxemia that I am an infidel — a word that fills the elect with abhorrence. In the matter of prevention, nature sometimes goes too far, and builds tumors and indurations so dense as to obstruct the circulation; then degeneration takes place, with slow absorption of the septic matter.

Cause is constant, ever present, and always the same.