by: Kamala Markandaya. Nectar in a Sieve is a novel by Kamala Markanday that was first published in Characters. Character List · Rukmani · Nathan. Read Nectar in a Sieve book reviews & author details and more at Kamala Markandaya is absolutely a brilliant story teller, Nectar in a sieve was. Nectar in a Sieve has ratings and reviews. Aditi said: “There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth.” Leo T.

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By reviewing the experiences of Rukmani, Nathan, their family, and other villagers, it will become clear that each character’s life is marked by hopelessness.

A tale of utter hopelessness in the face of colonial or capital evil. When they go to find him, they meet his wife. Markandaya frequently uses similes. These devices also help the reader to connect with the events of the book through the universality of the experiences and images. The pace if the book is swift and moderate even the story is rich with so many evocative descriptions that will help the readers to not only feel the story but also to visually imagine the scenes right before their eyes.

She watches as her children either suffer cruel fates or leave the village to make their own lives.

Nectar in a Sieve – Wikipedia

The futile and hopeless journey is enough to send the reader hunting for those last few pills of Prozac that might still be hiding in the bathroom cabinet.

For Nathan, even his life of relentless work is ultimately taken from him. Add information 3 11 Jul 19, To Hindus, the cow is a sacred animal, so they do not eat beef or touch any part of a slaughtered cow. On the brink of starvation, she resorts to blackmailing Rukmani and Nathan separately to take some of their precious rice.


Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Nectar in a Sieve is Kamala Markandaya’s first novel to be published although it is actually the third novel she wrote. From there, he took up a life of women and gambling and abandoned his wife and children. Nectar in a Sieve follows the life of an average lower-class Indian, looking at the effects of globalization and the conflict between traditional and rural Ind Nectar in a Sieve, written by Kamala Markandaya, is a wonderful novel that lets the reader peek inside the heart of Indian culture.

Refresh and try again. Rukmani never complains about the poverty in which she lives, but she is vocal when she does not agree with something that happens in her community.

Nectar in a Sieve Reader’s Guide

As a result, Rukmani consults a Western doctor, Kenny, with modern world ideals, who finally helps her to give birth to a daughter and four sons.

They are infants—you look away a minute and in that time they have left their babyhood behind. When it is time for Ira to marry, Rukmani chooses Old Granny as the matchmaker.

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Of course, neither did Rukmani, which was perhaps common for a woman in her situation, but I wanted to know how their lives turned out. A contributor to Siebe Novelists declared Markandaya “one of the best contemporary Indian novelists. But perhaps that was the only way to make her point. The dichotomy isn’t played to its strength with narration never taking into the contrasting nature of the changing society as it plays to the protagonists disadvantage, for she loses her sons to the cities’ alluring charms.

Because Rukmani’s children come from an impoverished family, their futures are limited and they suffer their own hardships. In the end, Nathan dies before they begin their journey home, and Rukmani is left a widow.

The weaknesses I found in the novel would include the absolutely depressing theme to the entire novel.


Only a few of Markandaya’s contemporaries found the book necctar.

Though, at times, the novel can seem to be a litany of struggle and hardship, the characters’ reactions and reflections give insight into the human condition. She had long descriptions that could have been more concise. He likes the language.

Nectar in a Sieve |

The couple leads a markandata simple life with an ultimate purpose of survival alone. Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia. One of the neighbors’ wives, Kunthi, arrives at Rukmani’s house, demanding rice and threatening to tell Nathan about Rukmani’s secret visits to Kenny.

Rukmani’s fourth son, Raja is killed by a watchman at the tannery after he is caught trying to steal a pelt to sell for money. When the tannery comes, for example, she makes her disapproval very clear to her friends and family.

Prior to marrying Nathan, Rukmani lives a comfortable life. The editors include critical commentary with this wide-ranging collection of letters, poetry, memoirs, and fiction.

Nectar in a Sieve

After done reading that night’s assignment, I found that the reading would leave me in a very sad, depressed mood. It gets intolerable to bear the suffering the characters have to go through at some point in the novel, but think about it – it’s what has happened, is happening and shall continue to happen in the real Indian society and that makes this novel all the more real and the ending, all the more unbearable.

That female Indian writers today are compared and contrasted with Markandaya is further evidence of her staying power. Rukmani faces the adversities of natural disaster when a monsoon destroys much of their home and narkandaya the rice paddies on which their livelihood depends.