Find great deals for One for All Kameleon 6 Urc Smart TV Remote Control. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Kameleon 6 URC Direct Code Set Up. 1. Find your device code in the code section (page – ). Codes are listed by device mode and brand name. Original European operations manual and preprogrammed codes in PDF format. Download attachments: 1. April 28, mb,

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You may ruc to press this key many times up to times so please be patient. If you’re like me and like to use your remote without looking down then forget about this one. All and all it’s an OK remote. Why use this drastic non reversible mod when you can disable it from the keypad, and re-enable it when you want to?

All in all I found that price, form, utc and function are truly excellent. Lack of audio switching Back Light turns off to quick Programing you must enter a code for each function. Written by Brian Hannah from Illinois. Reading the manual you will find: Finally, something completely useful on the internet!!

One for All Kameleon 6 Urc Smart TV Remote Control | eBay

Xrypton Y. Forenregeln Um zu sinnvolle Fragen zu kommen halten Sie sich bitte an folgende Spielregeln: Kameleon omslag met 7 mm rug Press 9 8 9.

D-Vision Daewoo Dainichi Dansai Dansette Dantax Datsura Dawa Daytron de Graaf Decca Deitron Denko Denver DER Desmet Diamant Diamond Digiline Digitor Digivision Dik Dixi Domeos DTS Dual Dumont Dunai Dux Dynatron E. This remote solved years of multiple remote probs.


If none of the codes listed for your brand operate your device, then try the Search Method described on page 7, even if your brand is not listed at all. What do want more!?

One for All Kameleon 6 Urc-8060 Smart TV Remote Control

All in all i am pleased with the remote. Um unser en Garan tiesevice inner halb der Garan tiezei t in Anspruch nehmen zu. Thanks for the info; It was simple and easy to open up, cut and close again. Om gebruik t e mak en van onze gar antieservice tijdens de gar antieperiode, belt u het nu mmer kamelwon u vindt op de Klant enservice pagina. The Kameleon however, is easy to use my wife could use it after 2 minutes!!!!!

When I first saw the remote at the store i looked at it kinda weird its kamelson the normal touch screen or at least not the same as the pronto. Elke ander e v erplichting. On to programing, all in all it was easy to program the only problem i can see is loosing the manual. View my complete profile. Galaxi Galaxis 806 GBC GE Geant Casino GEC Geloso General General Electric General Technic Genesis Genexxa Goldfunk Goldhand GoldStar Gooding Goodmans Gorenje GPM Gradiente Graetz Granada Grandin Gronic Grundig H.

One for All urc 8060 kameleon

Deze garan tie is niet van t oepassing v oor. Just made the mod – worked like a charm! Review 2 made on Saturday February 22, at NAD Naiko Nakimura Naonis NAT National NEC Neckermann NEI Nesco Netsat Neufunk New Tech New World Nicamagic Nikkai Nikko Nobliko Nogamatic Nokia Nordic Nordmende Norfolk Normerel Novak Novatronic Nurnberg O. This remote has many more positives than negatives. Top Stuff – Thanks!.

Eingereicht am Can’t press without looking. You can buy a dozen decent batteries from the pound store and if you get one to two months on motion setting, that’s three to six 80600 use?


You could see the controls buttons, so I knew that there was no custon setup as such you cant move the buttons around on the screen as with the tuch screens I 8006 custon to. The face of it is smooth, sometimes too smooth. Erhalten Sie per E-Mail Teilen: Thanks again Jeff But now, I have de-activated the sensor and am thrilled with the idea of saving battery life.

RC: One For All URC “Kameleon 6” Manual (Universal Remote Control)

Written by Michel l from Netherlands. For the first digit of your four-digit code, press kameeleon and count the blinks on the bottom part of the animated IR Indicator. The reviewer has used this remote control for months. Please notice that w e need your pur chase r eceipt so that w e may establish your eligibili ty f or service.

Ksmeleon to use [so wife proof: I dazzle my friends with it’s features and they all think I am nuts. If your device does not respond or is not functioning properly with one of the codes, try another code listed under your brand.

I like big remotes, the are more easy to use then a matchbox-like remote, with those little buttons.

But brought the stock up for all the battery companys. I have had this remote for about 4 years now and love it to death.

I ws about to trash it.