Kissing Perfect By Lauren Barnholdt – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Although I enjoyed this story more than I did the first three, Kissing Perfect still had it’s flaws. For one thing, the relationship between the two. “Perfect,” Cooper says, apparently not rattled by the fact that the people he’s .. then we’ll kiss and I’ll look around at my perfect house and my perfect husband.

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The Thing About the Truth by Lauren Barnholdt

That’s an interesting look on her face, no? I really thought this book could have been better. Pursue her anyway, of course!

Which is why I don’t see Harper as a cliche “good girl” – I don’t really see myself as one either. Penn had a bit of an anger management problem. Penn was so hot and cold that I didn’t know how to take him. I wanted to know the whole pperfect and what really went down.

Stealing your ex-boyfriend’s bike. Wow, way to stand up for women Lauren. Kelsey isn’t blond and Issac isn’t brunette. And Harper, well, she knows she should be focusing on things like her Ballard application. Mar 29, Tonyalee rated it liked it Shelves: This is only my second Lauren Barnholdt book and I thoroughly enjoyed my first… I may have gone in laurem my expectations perfext bit high though. I could not dislike her for being persistent in trying to get Penn to open up.


I also want to know more about how Isaac and Kelsey had gotten really close. A glimpse, a moment, that’s how it feels.

So, yeah, this story has a lot of authenticity to it. On Isaac’s side, we kind of get to see how his cold father and robotic mother impact him.

I know our two shallow main characters got their relationship resolution but what about their punishment? Not cookie-cutter perfect, because that would have been cliche, but really, really well. I’m sorry, but how am I supposed to become invested in that? They would layren a while without talking, laureen then all of a sudden they were back on. And seeing as it was a short story, I didn’t expect the author to make a slightly big mistake in this book such as the ex-boyfriend going from having a bike to end Although this one was a bit more exciting, it was also my least favourite.

There’s other stuff that happens, but we don’t care kussing that because when the book ends we haven’t resolved anything else.

Book Review: Heat of the Moment by Lauren Barnholdt

The story’s different from the first book. I usually dislike YA contemporary novels – they don’t seem to be my thing – but I think this is the second YA contemporary novel for pedfect has received a rare 5 stars from me. All of Barnholdt’s stories that I’ve read anyway are written like this and I believe that kissin adds to the charm of the characters.

As each of them struggle through their own problems and work together to make them right I loved kssing of the characters a bit more. I kind of wish she had made this a series of actual books rather than novellas but such is life. When Kelsey wants to start a club at school and Isaac tries to join to impress her, they become closer.

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As she did so she was opening her mouth, and to a casual observer it might have appeared that she was whispering his name into his ear tenderly. I abandon the wet, hard mystery object under the bed, deciding I can deal with it later. What upsets barnholxt most, however, is my concern that this book is potentially dangerous for young, impressionable readers.

Book Review: Heat of the Moment by Lauren Barnholdt — @TLT16 Teen Librarian Toolbox

Reading this piece makes me feel like going through a brief daydream while doing people watching I do not get why Kelsey would be in trouble, and what the school administration would have to do with any of that.

The concept is simple: It starts with a scribbled note in class: Kising didn’t really find him attractive so I couldn’t relate to Harper’s attraction to him. RA Posters may be freely used. Does that make sense? Barnholdt has given readers another lighthearted barrnholdt into contemporary teen life.

I take no pleasure in writing negative reviews.