In Bruno Latour & Peter Weibel (eds.) Van Realpolitik naar Dingpolitik. Between Fundamental Opposition and Realpolitik: Perspectives for an Alternative. Van Realpolitik naar Dingpolitik. B. Latour · Krisis () Bruno Latour – – In Bruno Latour & Peter Weibel (eds.), Making Things Public. By the German neologism Dingpolitik, we wish to designate a risky and tentative set of experiments in probing just what it could mean for.

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This article has no associated abstract. What change does it make in the way people make up their minds to be attached to things? To continue, this brings in another problem: International Law and the Prevention of Genocide.

The “End of Ideology” Revisited: No keywords specified fix it. Where the focus used to lie on body politics, imagining the state as something to be formed with one General Willwe should be looking into politics of pragmatism.

First of all by altering the view latou the form and metaphor of state.

From Realpolitik to Dingpolitik – An Introduction to Making Things Public |

Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot this chart. Perspectives for an Alternative Parliamentarism. Alek Chance – – Journal of Military Ethics 12 3: International Law and the Prevention of Genocide.

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Here Latour ends by providing a set of guidelines if you will, or parameters for success of dingpolitik, summed up in my own interpretation:. Dingpoliti seems to be saying that openness is a prerequisite to Actor-Network Theory.

Here, he introduces a new approach, by suggesting to look into matter of concern, rather than matters of fact.

Dingpolitik and an internet of things

Where objects used to be looked at as a literally matters-of fact, this is false, or at least too narrow of a view on the matter. Realpolitik, Punishment and Control: After an internship at Mediamatic, I wanted to get more involved in the digital side of new media.

Perspectives for an Alternative Parliamentarism. There is a need to investigate how and through what medium the matters of concern are discussed.

This page was last modified on 24 Novemberat The “End of Ideology” Revisited: Metz – – History of Political Thought 3 2: Where paradigm shifts of ways of thinking in politic, art, or science have always been labeled chronologically, one following the other, we now enter a time where time itself is condensed.

Taking these things back into the design loop is one of my missions, with the statement in mind that the way content is created and consumed has at least as much importance as the technology driving it. History of Western Philosophy. Peter-Paul Verbeek – – Krisis 7 1: This article has no associated abstract.


Atmospheres of Democracy, Cambridge: The Origin of Political Liberty in Confucianism: In the first case, something is represented in a right way when the procedures around the representation are correct law and political science.

From realpolitik to dingpolitik

Especially when these things, being digital or physical, are capable of sharing, posting, editing, deleting content. Find it on Scholar. How do they manage to bring in the relevant parties? Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

Dante and Francesca da Rimini: It is time to go back to things.

From Realpolitik to Dingpolitik (Latour) | Technology and Culture Reading Group

Teodolinda Barolini – – Speculum 75 1: In further discussing the political Western history, the next and important point to make is that of the shift from politics of time to politics of space. With a whole set of point made, the question of how Dingpolitik can take shape now remains. In this proof finding, lots of problems occur: