Quando ho scoperto che “Lezioni di seduzione” non era l’unico libro di questa Autrice, mi sono subito fiondata a comprarlo. Il motivo? Semplice. Sono un pò. Unwrap a complete list of books by Emma Wildes and find books available for swap. – Lezioni Di Seduzione (Other) ISBN ISBN- Quali altri articoli acquistano i clienti, dopo aver visualizzato questo articolo? Lezioni di seduzione (Leggereditore Narrativa). Formato Kindle. Emma Wildes.

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Now, while I expected sex since this was a married couple working on their physical relationship, I was still surprised at how much there was so if this is a turn off for you, be warned.

There was also a big misunderstanding between Colton sildes Brianna, which, in a heavier story would have frustrated me, but here I just rolled my eyes and waited for Brianna to catch on and seeuzione him straight which she does in a satisfying way. Lessons from a Scarlet Lady is a refreshing Regency romance because the main couple in srduzione already married, care for one another deeply and enjoy one another in the bedroom. Bahkan tipikal hero-herroine di buku HR lainnya, yaitu biasanya punya masa lalu kelam, di buku ini sama sekali ga ada.

My unhappiness with the book is evident by the fact that i started in on the 13th of auguststopped, and finished it on the 25 of November.

Los hermanos Northfield, divinos, los tres. Brianna and Colton have a content marriage, but Brianna hopes that they can grow together and that seudzione her husband will fall in love with he Brianna, wife to the Duke of Rolthven, has bought dl copy of a banned book.

She obviously realized that she couldn’t force Colton’s feelings for her, but she was smart enough to figure out that if he spent more time with her and found her more interesting his feelings might grow.


And then he has the audacity to mention that their vows mention faithfulness and to obey. Jul 04, Jennifer rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Emma Wildes es una joya escondida. Emma Wildes grew seduziione loving books, so turning to writing seemed a natural course.

Lecciones de seducción

The rest of the character interaction with one another was a shining point. She comes across the illegal book in a shop and soon begins to utilize some of the more unusual suggestions in the book. Paperbackpages. But as pleasurable as that may be, the most important part of any romance is the bond you grow as you share a life. When he wonders where Brianna l This book is passable.

Watching Rebecca and Robert fall in love was a sweet experience. I liked that Brianna and Colton are established and the real issue is that she wants him to express his feelings more.

Lessons From a Scarlet Lady (Northfield, #1) by Emma Wildes

When Brianna starts to fear in her heart that her husband may in time turn away from her and her bed, taking things into her own hands, Brianna comes across a book Lessons From a Scarlet Lady from an ex courtesan, helping with life and marriage.

Open Preview See a Problem? I don’t usually like to read books in romance where the main characters’ story lezilni shared with that of another couple because I feel like they’re cheated. This was a very different take on romance because the couple was already married seduzinoe generally had a content relationship.

But as a new wife to such a man, she has doubts, which leads her to wonder if she can keep Colton satisfied and happy in bed, because many men like him to turn to mistresses for more outlandish requests when it comes to lovemaking.

Lessons From a Scarlet Lady Northfield,!

But to be shoved into a dalliance of them in a carriage right off the bat left me half out in the cold. It was banned but Brianna found it, read it and proceeded to use it to “seduce” Colton. And then he avoids her for days while he suspects her of having an affair and then has her followed. The other story was a more traditional courtship story, but in which the young woman utilizes flirting techniques to attract the attention of the man she desires – and is exceptionally successful.

  BS EN 13463-5 PDF

Brianna was an odd mix of modern thinking and a product of her times. Sebenernya cerita di buku ini engga terlalu spesial sih tapi temanya yang sederhana ini bisa dikembangkan menjadi sebuah cerita yang lumayan kompleks dan menarik.

I would have given it a higher rating if this book was mostly focused on the main characters.

Robert finds her to be too innocent for an improper man like himself. I found myself wishing to read more on Brianna and Colton whenever I had to read a chapter on Rebecca and Robert. But I also wished he would relax a bit and let me see there was more to him other than his intense need for privacy. Notorious Bachelors English Edition. Finding the right partner is essential, and keeping him a joyous task.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. It is a good book if you are new to romances, young, or simply don’t want or expect much of anything for it.

Amazon Music Streaming di milioni di canzoni. I liked Bri’s tenacity, her courage to go after what she wanted. Acquista un Buono Regalo.