In October McClure’s Magazine published what many consider the first muckraking article, Lincoln Steffens’ “Tweed Days in St. Louis.” The “muckrakers” . The Shame of the Cities has 49 ratings and 8 reviews. Evan said: I started reading this a few years ago and found it distant and dry and fairly non-speci. The Shame of the Cities is a collection of articles written by Lincoln Stefferns for McClure’s Magazine. The articles were written to expose.

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Consider the United States Senate, and believe me. Books by Lincoln Steffens. I Have Seen the Future: When I set out to describe the corrupt systems of certain typical cities, I meant to show simply how the people were deceived and betrayed.

Home About Teachers Privacy Help. No, the contemned methods of our despised politics are shake master methods of our braggart business, and the corruption that shocks us in public affairs we practice ourselves in our private concerns. Tammany Hall is, of course, legendary, but I had no idea that the police department was the biggest revenue generator for the New York machine!

The Shame of the Cities | work by Steffens |

Steffens began his career as a journalist at the New York Evening Post. We confirm the editorial every time there is an election. Clarkewas primarily responsible for breaking up the Ames machine. Good Government to the Test”. After Minneapolis, a description of administrative corruption in Chicago would have seemed like a repetition; Perhaps it was not just to treat only the conspicuous element in each situation.

His book deals only with high-end corruption, and the “shame” supposedly comes from the inability of good citiz Suame great to read the old purple prose of the muckrakers, but halfway through this book the reader may pine for a little hard-nosed, modern reporting, mayhaps a few dates, a little clarification tue names; you know, the simple things.


When a business man of some other line learns the business of politics, he is a politician, and there is not much reform left in him. It would be easy to become jaded after reading this book.

The Shame of the Cities

Within the United States, you may freely copy and distribute this work, as no entity individual or corporate has linocln copyright on the body of the work. In Pittsburgh also the people was the subject, and though the civic spirit there was better, the extent of the corruption throughout the social organization of the community was indicated. Books with missing cover. Another such conceit of our egotism is that which deplores our politics and lauds our business.

The Shame of the Cities: Steffens on Urban Blight

It is idiotic, this devotion to a machine that is used to take our sovereignty from us. Louis seems to me to be something new in the history of the government of the people, by the rascals, for the rich”. But do the people want good government? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Shame of the Cities by Lincoln Steffens.

His followers are the most corrupt ever. Exposure of the unknown was not my purpose. The foreman of the city’s grand jury, Hovey C. The populaces range from apathetic New York to actually supportive Philadelphia.

Daniel rated it really liked it Jun 13, The spirit of graft and of lawlessness is the American spirit. Pravda, the Russian newspaper, recently wrote an editorial about the illiterate American voters. The commercial spirit is the spirit of profit, not patriotism; of credit, not honor; of individual gain, not national prosperity; of trade and dickering, not principle. Louis to continue writing about Folk’s efforts to clean up the city.

I found this book curiously reassuring, in tne sense that is part of the so-called “Gilded Age” and often looked eteffens on nostalgically—this was essentially a genre of movies going back before “The Strawberry Blonde” and extending past “My Fair Lady” —and it’s pretty clear that every aspect of society was corrupt in cities big and small.


Sagamore Press,69, 70,74, 84, The reformers there have no ward organizations, no machine at all; their appeal is solely to the intelligence of the voter and their power rests upon that.

Eric rated it really liked it Jun 29, As he began to win convictions, other men involved in corruption decided to testify against their associates. Louis”, “blame the politicians and the vicious and ignorant poor” for corruption, “In all cities, the better classes—the business men—are the sources of corruption”. He takes essentially the same view of the bribe, only he saves his self-respect by piling all his contempt upon the bribe-giver, and he has the great advantage of candor.

Louis”, published in October The spirit of graft and of lawlessness is the American spirit. Paperbackpages. As the Folk investigation continued in St.

In many cases it’s fairly normal stuff like bribery, but in o Well, I ordered and began reading this book with the expectation that it’d be a quaint condemnation of certain qualities of urbanism. So I returned to St. Rhonda rated it did not like it Jan 28, But the bribe we pay to the janitor to prefer our interests to the landlord’s, is the little brother of the bribe passed to the alderman to sell a city street, and the father of the air-brake stock assigned to the president of a railroad to have this life-saving invention adopted on his road.

The bosses have us split up into parties.