Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Locknetics Electromechanical Power Bolt Lock at Read honest and unbiased . The PowerBolt is a mortise, right with the HDB herculite door • FAX: • Visit us on the Internet at The PB PowerBolt is a mortise, right angle deadbolt with a” bolt and a” throw. It is available fail-safe PB or fail-secure PBS. PowerBolts install.

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DoorsDormaDorma rts88Rts This design allows for normal door and frame movement, assuming a good quality door and frame are used. Available Factory installed only. Auxiliary latch deadlocks latch bolt when door is closed. Tens and thousands of Oocknetics are already installed in applications that range from health clubs and day care centers to laboratories and prisons.

Mortise lock rose option: The PIM operates in the 90z MHz license free bands, which eliminates wiring lcknetics the panel to remote wireless access solutions. A selectable jumper setting provides for improved performance. The trim provides robust, flexible access control for both retrofit and new construction installations. The SDVSU also features false alarm management, tamper-proof alarm-handling, secondary signalling, fault tolerance and comprehensive logs in full compliance with BS 2, critical for central monitoring station applications.

The system typically runs “online”, providing real-time, comprehensive door activity monitoring, remote door control, and alarms.


Mount reader on nonmetallic surfaces for optional read range performance. Remote sites can be monitored via modem or Ethernet. EL devices are also useful with automatic door operators, and may be loxknetics to fire-rated devices when under the control of an automatic fire alarm system. A10 Remote Antennae and Accessories.


VIP and Wyreless Access devices need to be powered separately. There are many choices for locking devices and access control systems that provide some level of monitoring and security.

Olcknetics the strength afforded by this design is a major advantage, the flexible mounting features are as important. Legal access to be provided by keypad system. A control station operator can flip a switch to retract the latch bolt and immediately change an exit only or latched door to push-pull operation. PageLockneticsLocknetics pages new7 27New7.

ADI | Locknetics/Schlage | PBS | PWRBOLT 12/24VDC FAIL SECURE

An external alarm circuit is included for operating an audio or visual alarm. Request-to-Enter optional; installs in about an hour. Replace Folger Adam The latest in open architecture is the Schlage Wireless Access product offering allowing integrated security and monitoring for every type of entry, including gates and elevators. Its small size and versatile mounting position make it ideal for many applications for controlling access to a small opening.

Combining a HandReader with a smart card creates a powerful combination of security and portable template management. The trim provides basic access control for both retrofit and new construction installations.

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The Series provides a built in battery charging circuit as a standard feature. A plug-in adjustable relock time delay module TDM is available with a 0 to 30 second delay. In this setting the door remains in the rearm mode until the door is closed. The clockand-data magnetic stripe output interfaces with systems that originally read Track II magnetic stripe data using TTL level outputs of data, clock, and card present.

KR keyed removable option available. The Modular Home Series www. This application provides a solution when no top rail mounting is available.


Rockwood Manufacturing Price List – mfsales. The M Series has been installed on thousands of worldwide installations including airports, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, universities, libraries, museums, retail and office buildings, laboratories, and government installations.

Also can be powered using the PS9 Power Supply. P Programming Cable Questions? Accessories Electrical Power Transfer Electric Power Transfer provides a means of transferring electrical power from a door frame to the edge of a swinging door. Designed to replace Von Duprin or Folger Adam A key lock cover is available as a factory installed option.

Designed for use on delayed exit applications, the Chexit system is ideal for controlled areas such as airports, hospitals, government facilities, computer rooms, research and development labs, retail stores, libraries and security facilities. Select Lever 17 06 Sparta standard Rhodes 7. Whether you need fingerprint, hand geometry or even both at once Recognition Systems has a solution for you. Von Duprin CM stand alone exit trim provides many of the features of an online access control system, but without the heavy investment associated with a networked system.

Terminal block will accept up to 14 gauge stranded wire. Polycarbonate UL 94 Power supply: Our customer-focused approach to security and safety allows us to assist you with campus-wide security solutions. Whenever the device is in alarm or the push pad is pressed the internal horn will sound. The device is standard as fail safe FS. If no browser is installed then the reports cannot be viewed.