Loslyf. 16 likes. Magazine. Terms & Conditions · Privacy Policy · About Loslyf · Contact Us · Loslyf. Home · Magazines · Vixen · Live Camz · 0. No products in the cart. 0 Menu. ENGLISH ABSTRACT: In this study I analyse the first year of publication of Loslyf, the first and, at the time of its launch in June , only Afrikaans pornographic.

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The publisher eventually publicly apologized, pulled from issue from the shelves, and privately agreed to compensate Vitonne. Retrieved 20 March As a powerful contributor to an Afrikaans imaginary, emerging at a time of political renewal, Loslyf provides a glimpse into the desires, tensions and tastes of and for an imagined community potentially still shaped by a censorial past.

Retrieved 7 January Masters Degrees Visual Arts [].

Alternative to what? : the rise of Loslyf magazine

United States of America: Publications were censored or banned for raising political criticism against the party. Hoffman bluntly refused and was eventually removed before loslgf.

Since its debut, Loslyf readership has levelled out to around 20, copies sold per issue. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Also, the government censored any material that contradicted their moral values. Namibian -born Afrikaans singer Juanita du Plessis sued the magazine for “doctoring” a picture of her and including a vulgar headline insinuating that she was addicted to oral sex in the October issue.


Though, as Eloff claims, it is about sex, the magazine refrains from depicting images of sexual lloslyf as well as other sexually explicit acts. Retrieved 10 May Du Plessis made a R, defamation claim against the magazine. The analysis comprises a historical account of its inception as relayed mainly by Ryk Hattingh, the first editor of Loslyf and primary creative force behind the publication.

Scholars have argued that by photographing the nude model before a lolsyf of Afrikaner nationalism, Loslyf presents a direct opposition to the party and its values that gave rise to the censorship of the media. This raised controversy particularly because Hoffman had purchased the issue within the airport.

Loslyf (magazine)

Retrieved 3 April Loslyf is a South African Afrikaans -language pornographic magazine. In the National Party dedicated the monument to the Voortrekkers who participated in the Great Trek.

Along with the nude spreads, Loslyf also featured a number of intellectual articles from well-known and respected writers. Ina Loslyf reader was removed from a Nationwide Airlines flight for refusing to put away the magazine.

Some features of this site may not work without it. In this study I analyse the first year of publication of Loslyf, the first and, at the time of its launch in Juneonly Afrikaans pornographic magazine. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Rise of Loslyf Magazine”.

After being told he was not allowed to read the magazine on the plane, businessman A. This item appears in the following collections: It also contained controversial political cartoons by Joe Dog and Konradski of Bitterkomix.


Alternative to what? : the rise of Loslyf magazine

Retrieved from ” https: The magazine has also expanded magazinne include a website. Views Read Edit View history. Publishers was forced to pay her R60, Retrieved 18 March The magazine is worth studying, in part, as an example of an attempt at reinvesting the prescriptive and seemingly generic genre of pornography with cultural specificity and political content, with a view to making it more interesting and relevant. The magazine was founded in by J. This has been attributed to its loss of novelty factor.

I conclude magaazine the first year of Loslyf contributed towards the broader project of democratic expression in an expanding South African visual economy, as a simultaneously well considered and underrated at the time of its publication at least cultural product. This page was last edited on 7 Januaryat Thesis MA –Stellenbosch University, In hierdie studie analiseer ek die eerste jaar van publikasie van Loslyf as ‘n baanbrekende en, in die tyd van sy ontstaan in Juniedie enigste Afrikaanse pornografiese tydskrif.

Such an investigation offers valuable insights into an aspect of South African media history as yet undocumented. Publishinga South African subsidiary of the American Hustler.